0848 – Easy GREY Powder – Graying Agent Powder (Mix with water)

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Single lay application
For antique gray color
(Suggested ratios: 50 grams to 150 grams per liter of water)

A 32oz container will treat over 375 Sqft at 150 grams per liter


Can be mixed with water. Many possibilities of gradations.


New parquet: The wood must be sanded and dusted.

Old parquet: The wood must be sanded and dusted, no longer have traces of varnish or wax.

Mix 150 g of powder (3 measures packed) in 1 liter of water, mix well, let rest 5 to 10 min. Apply by spraying or brushing in abundant and regular layers. After drying, remove the white dust layer with a green abrasive or a single brush equipped with a PAD, then vacuum the dust.

Read the safety label carefully – Do not swallow – Keep out of reach of children.

Information given in good faith, but we are not responsible for it.

*Caution: Always test products prior to beginning any project to be certain that the desired effects are achieved.

See Technical Datasheet

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32oz Container, 1 Gallon Container (5LBS), 5 Gallon Drum (25LBS), 30 Gallon Drum (150LBS)


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