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For antique gray color (Liquid)


For CHALETS, FLOORS, FURNITURE, WOODWORK, OBJECTS, FRAMES, etc. This grinder instantly creates the aging of the wood obtained through the years. This treatment is an oxidation which is carried out on new or old wood, not varnished, not stained, not waxed. It is necessary to make preliminary tests to master the practice of these products, and thus obtain the expected result.

The wood must be sanded to remove all traces of machine. Then we age it by sanding it irregularly, we brush it with an abrasive nylon brush (defibrillator) which will wear out the tender veins. It must be dry and dust free. Roughly planed wood will not respond well to patina. It is important to note that the obier will not be oxidized by this aging. Can also be used on rough sawn wood, whether or not it is dented.

This treatment must be carried out at a moderate temperature. Low or high temperatures change the final result.

Manual, with an agricultural sprayer or a brush in abundant and regular layers. You can even it out with a sponge or a nylon brush. This ageing agent can also be applied industrially by robot or pump and dried in a tunnel (25<30°). All of these products can be diluted with water, allowing for many different shades. Drying between each application is optional.

1) GREY 0853: Apply 0853 in an even coat to improve its penetration, then brush with a nylon brush (deck wash). Drying: 1 to 3 hours at room temperature.

2) GREY 0852: Apply 0852 in an even coat to optimize its penetration, then brush with a nylon brush (deck wash). Drying: 1 to 3 hours at room temperature.

3) GREY 0852: Apply a third coat, which will give the final touch to this patina. Drying: 1 to 3 hours at room temperature.

4) Rinse with water and dry (optional steps).

5) Interior finishing: The wood thus patinated can receive several finishes: Bleaching paste 0698, which will give the appearance of “driftwood” (can also be stained, see technical data sheet).

6) Exterior finish: “OLD CHALETS” patina, so called because the result obtained is reminiscent of the appearance of wood that has been exposed to the elements for many years. Background preparation: It is preferable to use a brushed or sanded wood. Start by applying a finish with 0853, then let dry. Give effects with the 0853 which will reinforce the gray on the knots and on the more marked veins. Then, give keys of 0843. After drying, spray with 0852 once or twice (with drying between each pass). Finally, spray a solution of white paste 0698 at about 100 g/liter on the whole. After drying, remove the excess with a green abrasive and protect the whole with a matt anti-UV cottage oil 07701.

Possibility of obtaining other patinas of color:

LIGHT COGNAC: 1 coat of Grinder 0853, drying, 1 coat of Grinder 0852, drying, 1 coat of Ager 0843, drying (same application 0852 – 0853). Rinse with water and dry.

HONEY: 1 coat of Grinder 0853, drying, 1 coat of Grinder 0852, drying, 1 coat of Ager 0843, drying, 1 coat of Leveler 0844, drying. Rinse with water and dry.

EPICEA LIGHT BROWN: 1 coat of Grinder 0853, drying, 1 coat of Grinder 0852, drying, 1 coat of Leveler 0844. Rinse with water and dry. Never mix these products together, which would create an ineffective “precipitate”.

Safety precautions : – Read the safety label carefully – Work in a well ventilated room – Wear rubber gloves – Do not swallow – Keep out of reach of children.

Information given in good faith, but we are not responsible for it.

*Caution: Always test products prior to beginning any project to be certain that the desired effects are achieved.


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